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Thinking Sustainability? Think Miracle

Soy is used as an ingredient in a diverse group of biobased products.

MIRACLE SOYBEAN FOOD INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (MSFIC) is one of the leading manufacturers of soy-based products in the country, having the license to operate by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

The Company is involved into two (2) major Soy Product lines namely, the Food and the Non-Food Group. The Food Group is under Miracle Soybean Food Division, whereas the Non-Food Group in under Miracle Soybean International.

SMD-70, Concentrate Form Release Agent

SMD-70 has been developed, tried and implemented in some of the most developed countries in the world and MIRACLE SOYBEAN INTERNATIONAL has brought “this flagship product “in the Philippines. The global construction industry has seen the impact of stricter environmental regulations and negative effects of petroleum.

Construction companies and developers in other countries like USA, Japan, and Singapore are now shifting to our environmentally friendly, cost effective solution, by using SMD – 70, A concentrated form release agent guaranteed to perform to your client’s higher standards.

The concentrate is water based, and adding four parts of water to a solution of SMD-70, results in a BIO-DEGRADEABLE FORM RELEASE AGENT for pre-casting requirements of construction companies. SMD-70 is environmentally friendly, and is more efficient and cheaper due to its “one time pass “ process The use of SMD-70 saves time & money to complete & finish the cast product.

Shown on the left photo is the traditional form release using A petroleum oil-based compound “ which contains a lot of Bug-Holes, as compared to the SMD-70 water-based form release shown on the right requires no touch-ups.

Standard Form Release

Bug Holes must be touched up

SMD-70 Form Release

Usually no touch up needed


SMD-70: The only biodegradable form release that helped the global construction market on a consistent basis. The SMD-70 concentrate is the right solution for your business. (Quality, Cost & Delivery).

The SMD -70 uses and applications are varied. It can be used for:

  • Highway barrier steel molds;
  • Pre-cast houses and buildings;
  • Decorative silicon molds for highway and building art works;
  • Bridges and highway tunnels;
  • Highway complex parts for overpass; and
  • Dam projects and used in building blocks.

Easy to Mix: Maintains stable formulation when using High-pressure sprayer

Step One

1:4 Preparation SMD70 + 4 parts water

Step Two

Few stirs makes mixture stable

Step Three

After 30 mins. Separation begins

SMD Easy Clean


Applicable to all types of molds and forms (steel, iron, wood and silicon)

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